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    Project Specific Generators

    Concept Generators is a global provider of specialised diesel generator packages. We can deliver across most industries, but the majority of our client operate in the oil and gas, petrochemicals and construction industries. Headquartered in Aberdeen UK, with operations across the Middle East, Malaysia and Central Asia, our diesel generators are designed, built and tested as project-specific packages to suit client-specification in accordance with ISO 9001. In line with this philosophy our engineering team provides the optimal solution every time when selecting the best diesel generator setup for any application.


    • Emergency power safe Area
    • Main power normally unattended platforms
    • Main power safe area
    • Main power zone 2, gas group IIA/B, T3, 200°C
    • Temporary power zone 2, gas group IIA/B, T3, 200°C
    • Emergency power zone 2, gas group IIA/B, T3, 200°C
    • Extreme ambient conditions
    • Extreme environmental conditions
    • Twin start
    • Extended service intervals
    • Multiple generators


    • IP56
    • A0
    • A60
    • DNV 2.7-1
    • Standard weatherproof
    • Increased sound attenuation
    • Increased weight saving

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