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Gas Turbine Generators


Concept Generators range of gensets includes various types of gas turbine packages adapted to applications for the Oil & Gas, Industrial, Marine and Waste to Energy sectors. The GT packages equipped with the OP16 gas turbines or Aurelia A400 gas turbine are able to run on a wide range of gas or liquid fuels including low calorific value and highly contaminated fuels. Various configurations and options are available, like dual fuel systems or Desert and Arctic configurations.

Key Features:
  • Voltage:
    • OP16: From 400V (50Hz) to 13800V (60Hz)
    • A400: tunable high-speed generator 
  • Frequency:
    • OP16: Available in 50Hz or 60Hz
    • A400: tunable high-speed generator
  • OP16: 1850KWe; A400: 400KWe
  • Tailored solutions
  • Rental solution
  • Plug and play solutions
  • Remote Control Monitoring 
  • Long experience in design, installation and operation of gas turbines Onshore, Offshore, in Artic or Desert conditions
OP16 Modular package:
  • 1850KWe at ISO conditions
  • Configurable modular Package
  • 20 ft integrated standard package
  • Quick installation and commissioning
  • Standard pre-engineered options
  • Extreme arctic configuration available (-60 ˚C)
  • Extreme desert or tropical configuration available (+50 ˚C)
OP16 Integrated package:
  • 1850KWe at ISO conditions
  • Complete installation in 4 hours
  • All systems integrated in a 30” container
  • Installation on quickly levelled ground
  • Integrated control & MCC
  • Integrated exhaust
  • Remote control via 3G/4G
OP16 Mobile package:
  • 1850KWe at ISO conditions
  • Plug and play solution
  • All systems integrated on a road-certified trailer
  • Integrated control & MCC
  • Integrated exhaust
  • Remote control via 3G/4G
OP16 Offshore package:
  • 1850KWe at ISO conditions
  • Customized OP16 package for offshore applications
  • The footprint of a 20” container
  • Modular air inlet & outlet to adapt to the platform configuration
  • External skid mounted on 3 points
  • Stainless steel enclosure available
  • DNV Offshore certification
OP16 Marine package:
  • 1850KWe at ISO conditions
  • Specific design for installation on vessel deck
  • Specific enclosure
  • Dedicated auxiliary systems for Marine conditions
  • Available for SVOC and LVOC applications
  • Optional explosion hatches available
  • DNV Marine certification
A400 Package:
  • 400KW at ISO conditions
  • 40% electrical efficiency
  • Modular design
  • Magnetic bearing (no oil)
  • Remote monitoring